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Dorothy Weicker and Susan Adamé

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 13, 2008, 5:00 p.m.
Exhibit remains through October 5
Gualala Arts Center:   Jacob Foyer

Dorothy Weicker and Susan Adamé will be showing in the Jacob Foyer at Gualala Arts Center from the opening September 13 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. through October 5, 2008.

More about Dorothy Weicker . . .

Dorothy Weicker Dorothy Weicker was born in 1941, the fourth and last child of romantic complex parents with ties to Mexico, the United States and Canada. She grew up in the verdant valley of Toluca, some forty miles outside Mexico City, on a working farm. The family home on the farm had formerly been a Carmelite convent. The fullness of farm life and the vividness of religious rituals practiced on every special occasion awakened her imagination and sensitivity, laying formative ground for her development.

Dorothy Weicker Every year in the summer - and occasionally over Christmas - the family traveled to Quebec (Canada) where they had a property on a large lake. There they engaged with the wilderness and saw the radiance of the "northern lights." The family underwent tragic turns and Dorothy lost both parents in 1955, and eldest brother in 1959.

Her secondary schooling and college years took place in the United States. Then she traveled to Europe and at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, she accomplished three degrees, culminating in a Masters Degree in Philosophy. When she found herself unsuited to an academic career she returned to the United States and trained as a body therapist. In California she worked as a Rolfer, teacher of movement integration, cranial-sacral and breath therapist from 1980 - 2002.

Dorothy Weicker Art has been a deep and continuous thread throughout her life. In the 1970s Dorothy shared an apartment in London with artist friends of the contemporary Spanish realist school. This led to a year in Madrid where she met artists of diverse disciplines and practices. When she returned to the United States she spent two years at the California College of Arts and Crafts. With the dawn of the new millenium she felt the urgency to devote herself to art. She closed her professional therapy career and began dedicating her energies to painting.

More about Susan Adamé . . .

Susan Adamé Susan Adamé From Susan Adamé we learn, "These paintings set the color tone and are the inspiration for the abstract design. In this series of collages I used items such as topographic maps of Gualala and environs. I have been able to use these maps in a way that the viewer is able to read the names of familiar places. Gualala is also extremely beautiful when seen from a satellite and I love to use these views as well. These representations of the natural area are inspirational and blend well with my style of working in the medium of collage."

Susan continued, "I made hand-made paper especially for this project inspired by the environment. These papers are then used in the collage. I am also using a large variety of other hand-made papers as well as leaves in this project. Each collage is unique and I try to use a few recognizable Gualala items in each one when creating the composition. There is a great variety among the pieces, but they still have a feeling of continuity."

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