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Difficulty of Vision

works by Bill Elmore

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 8, 5:00 p.m.
Exhibit remains through October 7, 2007
Gualala Arts Center:   Elaine Jacob Foyer

"Difficulty of Vision," an exhibit of oil paintings and charcoal drawings by Point Arena resident Bill Elmore will be on display through October 7.

Bill Elmore Bill Elmore Bill Elmore

The title is an important part of understanding Bill Elmore's connections between what he sees and how he paints it. In a deep and honest quest for a personal vision of the world, Bill strives to bring to his artworks those seconds just before one actually "sees" a figure, a scene, or a set of objects. With a very painterly approach, he is able to hold, and then transmit, this fragile impression. With strong strokes and richly blended colors his oil paintings each take on a life of its own.

In an attempt to also the capture the spiritual in every glance, Bill often employs the simplicity of a white line in one part of the painting. Bold, and with a great deal of authority, this signature sets his vision and its resulting painting or drawing apart.

Bill is as unique as his work. Formerly experiencing the ocean as a fisherman, he sold his boat during the downturn in the industry at the end of the eighties. Since then, living a simple life, he has concentrated his days and his life to the pursuit of finding and defining his special way of seeing. As a student of Wayne Thiebaud, Elmore's paintings carry on the lineage but he takes the process to new limits. He has been a member of the figure-drawing sessions from a live model on Wednesday afternoons at Gualala Arts for many years. Buyers of art have been coming to CityArt in order to find his works that he has allowed to be shown on the market. Don't miss this show.

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