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Christine Charter Moorhead, stained glass and
Gerda Randolph, baskets & felted sculptures

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 5, 2014, 5:00 p.m.
Exhibit remains through July 30
Dolphin Gallery

Christine Charter Moorhead The July 2014 exhibit at the Dolphin Gallery features Christine Charter Moorhead and Gerda Randolph. The opening night reception is on Saturday, July 5 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and the show runs through Wednesday, July 30.

Christine Charter Moorhead

Christine Charter Moorhead has chosen the perfect art form - stained glass - to fulfill her artistic desire to create objects of the highest quality that marry form and function. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind object meant to enhance and personalize a specific space.

For her first show at the Dolphin Gallery she plans to select windows, mirrors, pins, and pendants that reflect an ocean theme. She definitely will include "storybook" pins, each of which tells a different story. Although she may not be familiar to local patrons, she frequently shows in Arizona, Texas, and California and was recently invited to exhibit at the prestigious Museum Design Show in Washington, D.C.

Since 1978 Moorhead has worked with glass to produce a wide variety of custom designed pieces. She specializes in windows, lamps, screens and doors, but also makes a variety of other creations including mirrors, pins, fireplaces and pendants. No two pieces are alike.

Christine Charter Moorhead Drawing on nature for inspiration she sometimes will incorporate fibrous materials, handmade papers, old lace, sticks, stones, beads, beach glass or even feathers to produce a three-dimensional quality in what is basically a two-dimensional form. She particularly enjoys incorporating ammonites and agates into her work as they evoke an ancient history.

She mainly uses copper foil with solid copper support to enrich and strengthen each design. Many of her pieces have a Craftsman influence that may suggest Frank Lloyd Wright, but she is not limited in her approach and strives to enhance the qualities of light and color that stain glass offers. She uses the visual to evoke a sense of harmony with nature.

Many of her creations are commissions for which she works closely with a client to customize a design of a specific size for a specific location with a specific function that reflects the lifestyle and taste of the patron.

More information about her commissions and a virtual gallery of her work can be found at her website,

Christine Charter Moorhead

Gerda Randolph

Since her last Dolphin Gallery show in 2009, Gerda Randolph has continued to refine the techniques used in her basket making and wool sculptures, experimenting with new ideas and possibilities that make her art always fresh and exciting. Natural materials are her chosen medium, from rocks and minerals formed deep in the earth, to soft wool fleeces, to pine needles, wild iris and other plant fibers. Through her use of design, textures and colors, what she creates becomes a collectible piece of art.

Gerda Randolph

Gerda's baskets are most often made using the coiling method, incorporating pine needles and waxed linen thread. The knowledge that she is sharing in an ancient process appeals to her. However, her intent is not to imitate the beauty created by those who have gone before her, but to explore her own unique ideas and creativity. She is both a mentor and inspiration for many in the Gualala Arts Basketmaking group which she began a number of years ago.

Gerda's wool sculptures are created using a very long, sharp, barbed needle to poke repeatedly into wool fleece. The fibers then become tangled and produce felt that allows her seemingly unlimited creative possibilities to transform fleece into sculptures.

Gerda Randolph

Through each of these media, Gerda is able to express herself through art in a unique way. From pine needles, baskets are created that can be gently cradled in your hands and from fleece, joyful, whimsical, three-dimensional figures are created that seem to come alive.

Gerda encourages anyone interested in basket making to come on any second Thursday to the monthly meeting at Gualala Arts Center. In addition, she periodically offers workshops in beginning pine needle basketry and this year will also be offering a class in the needle felted wool sculptures. Many of her students from the basket class have gone on to become very successful in their own right.

Gerda Randolph

More information on the workshops is available at the Gualala Arts website. To see more examples of both Gerda's basketry and the wool sculptures, visit her website -

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