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Jennifer Bundey, painting &
Paul Maurer, woodworking

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 3, 2014, 5:00 p.m.
Exhibit remains through June 4
Dolphin Gallery

The May 2014 exhibit at the Dolphin Gallery features Jennifer Bundey and Paul Maurer. The opening night reception is on Saturday, May 3 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. and the show runs through Wednesday, June 4.

Jennifer Bundey

Blue Dune, acrylic on canvas, by Jennifer Bundey Drawing on her many years as an artist and an art teacher, Jennifer Bundey uses soft and subtle tones to draw her viewers into the art she creates and allow each individual the space to discern his or her own meaning. She focuses primarily on color to create a meditative, even therapeutic, quality that distinguishes her art from others who may rely more on a strong line. For her, the artistic process is a means of self-discovery.

To achieve this effect, Bundey uses the soft and subtle qualities of watercolors on paper. She incorporates what she calls "veil painting" to build up multiple layers of diluted pigments that allow the colors to shine through one another. The process is time consuming as each application must dry before the next can begin.

By contrast, Bundey's acrylic paintings are bold, playful and full of movement. These paintings reflect her keen passion for color. She draws inspiration from a variety of sources in nature - the red soil and brilliant skies of the Australian Outback, the Pacific Ocean, even her own garden.

She likes to explore polarities in color relationships, darkness and light, movement and stillness, line and space. Her abstract architectural paintings have a Cezanne-like quality and she is influenced particularly by the work of William Turner, Georgia O'Keefe, and Leo Klein.

In her former career as a teacher, she instructed her students in a broad range of arts and crafts. On sabbatical in the late eighties, she completed the Arts Program at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, and continued to study with numerous visiting master artists. After 21 years in Waldorf schools, she moved to Gualala and refined her artistic vision as a full time artist. She now maintains studios in Gualala and Berkeley.

Her virtual gallery - - provides more examples of her work and further background material. Bundey's last exhibit at the Dolphin was in October 2011.

Earthquake Country, watercolor on paper, by Jennifer Bundey

Paul Maurer

After retiring from a career as a game warden where he spent much of his time roaming Northern California forests, Paul Maurer took up woodworking and discovered an artistic talent that has led to an international reputation with his pieces sought after for collections all over the world.

One characteristic that distinguishes his work is his specialization in woods native to Northern California. Maurer believes these species rival the beauty of more exotic woods found in other locales. He also uses only downed trees or those cut by others and out of respect for the forest does not cut any trees himself.

Woodworking by Paul Maurer

He does not restrict his output to any particular form. He turns functional pieces such as salad bowls, pens and lidded boxes. In addition, he makes more decorative bowls, various vessels, and hollowed out forms. Each creation not only displays the grain but also possesses a quality that is almost delicate, a lightness rarely found in wood items.

The process begins with a careful selection of materials to discover what makes a burl, limb or crotch piece distinctive. Then, he shapes the wood to best exhibit what he sees. Even his salad bowls illustrate the way he will orient the grain to achieve balance and beauty.

A perennial participant in the Gualala Arts "Art in the Redwoods" show, Maurer has received numerous awards including first place in woodworking in 2012. His work is on display at the Dolphin Gallery in Gualala, the Cloverdale Art Alliance Gallery in Cloverdale, and the Dry Creek Olive Company in Healdsburg where his olive wood pieces decorate the tasting room. Further examples can be found at the Cloverdale Arts Alliance website.

Woodworking by Paul Maurer

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