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Sally Jaffee, Pottery
Barbara Kelley, Mixed media prints

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 7, 2011, 5:00 p.m.
Exhibit remains through June 1
Dolphin Gallery

The Dolphin Gallery will present Barbara Kelley showing mixed media prints and Sally Jaffee showing pottery from the opening Saturday, May 7 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. through June 1.

About Barbara Kelley

Barbara Kelley, Mixed media prints Barbara Kelley, Mixed media prints Having lived in the Alaskan territory, New Mexico's land of enchantment, and more recently on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, Barbara Kelley strives to convey a sense of new frontiers, experimentation and exploration in her prints and paintings.

Based on a conceptual suite, she usually works on several pieces simultaneously. They create a familial dialogue, each exchanging information, playing off the other, and dancing in harmony.

Barbara's works incorporate (and recycle) found objects. This exhibit includes works from the "Kimono" series, which started in 2001. They are monoprints created with lithographic and etching inks and printed on paper and canvas. The canvas prints are mounted on obi or bamboo rods.

Barbara Kelley, Mixed media prints Recalling the inspiration for this series, Barbara said, "A friend from Kagoshima, Japan lived with us. She taught me much about her culture and I taught her much slang. Later, when traveling in China, I visited artists working on textiles, watercolors and porcelain. I collected art tools and created sketches of cities, palaces, people and the countryside. This series is a tribute to how alike we are in our differences and to friendships around the world."

"Meditation," based on an ancient Chinese landscape painting, explores the use of watercolor on a drypoint engraving. Abstracted evocative landscapes have been a recurring theme in Barbara's prints and paintings. What emerges is the quiet observance of nature and mental pictures of distant journeys in past times. They are a visual autobiography.

Barbara Kelley's works are in collections in Australia, Canada, and Europe and throughout the United States and are exhibited in galleries, museums, and corporate gallery spaces. To inquire about scheduling an exhibit or to visit the Moon Catcher Studio, visit

About Sally Jaffee

Sally Jaffee, Pottery After being a potter for 35 years, in January 2008 I had a solo exhibition at the Dolphin Gallery with a body of work that was a departure from my functional vessels. It was an exploration in paper collage on tile, canvas and form.

The May 2011 exhibit is an expression of homecoming... home to the clay and the simplicity of form and design that has been a constant in my career.

My use of black, red and white glazing reflects a timelessness that I connect with. The Japanese kimono patterns create a theme which mixes with influences from African, Greek and Native American fine craft.

Sally Jaffee, Pottery Sally Jaffee, Pottery

We are living in a time when simplicity as well as listening to both the earth and the ancient cultures has become very important. I'm finding that my work in clay has provided a strong foundation for this. Using clay to express my feelings about the beauty that surrounds me feels natural to who I am. I feel very fortunate to be a potter. It chose me when I wasn't looking. The imagery on my vessels has been individually etched through layers of black and white slips on white stoneware, then glazed with an earthy red glaze and electric fired to a mid-range temperature. This work is highly durable, functional ware.

The Dolphin Gallery is located at 39225 Highway One in downtown Gualala, CA
(behind the post office on the south side). Open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Please call (707) 884-3896 for more information.