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Expressions of a Potter's Life

Works by Sally Jaffee

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 5, 2008, 5:00 p.m.
Exhibit remains through January 30
Dolphin Gallery

Sally Jaffee: Purple Door Vessel The title for this show, Expressions of a Potter's Life, is a statement of how I experience this current series of work. This collage series represents both my journey and arrival at this place in time. Though the images are mostly abstract, there are houses and vessels placed within large fields of color and space mirroring my relationship with both my inner and outer environments.

The materials I have chosen for the work include clay and glazes, as well as wood, canvas and paper collages. The collage images are the result of working with photographs I took in Japan that I printed and rearranged into abstractions. The collages are then applied to either the fired clay tiles or vessels, or as constructions that provide areas for ceramic inserts.

It's always very difficult for me to describe my work... I so prefer that is speaks for itself. These pieces are intuitive expressions; very little mind is involved. I feel like a passenger on this creative train, happy to participate and grateful for the journey.

More about Sally Jaffee

Sally Jaffee: Stilted House Sally Jaffee: pagoda My life as a potter began in the early seventies at a time when some of us were privileged to make choices about our careers from our hearts. We were the generation that prided ourselves on having less in the way of possessions, and more in the way of a spiritual consciousness. So I followed my bliss and was fortunate to have been given the talent for making things.

I chose clay as my expression. Rather than pursue an academic route, I joined a pottery co-op in Seattle, Pottery Northwest, and worked for years alongside other aspiring potters. We took workshops from professionals and college professors, and sold our work through galleries and craft fairs.

My work became my life and steered me into a spiritual practice that acknowledged my pottery making as my sacred art. My way of life for over thirty years now has been the making and selling of pottery and the moment to moment humble thanks for this opportunity.

As I have evolved as a woman artist, the work has reflected my exploration and change. After beginning my career in Seattle, I have had studios in Mexico, Ohio and now California. I live alone in a home I love on the edge of a vineyard overlooking a valley with mountains beyond, where I spend my days making art and living the life I have always dreamed of.

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