Dolphin Gallery
Scott Chieffo (photography) & Star DeHaven (stained/fused glass)
June 4 through June 30, 2005

Opening reception: Saturday, June 4, from 5 to 7 p.m.


Light plays a critical role in the work of the artists who will exhibit at the Dolphin for the entire month of June. Scott Chieffo's photography show, entitled "Intertidal Landscapes," and Star DeHaven's stained and fused glass creations explore how light can evoke responses in the viewer. You can meet both artists from 5 to 7 p.m. at an opening-night reception on June 4. The show will continue through June 29.

For over 20 years Scott Chieffo has specialized in a wide range of nature subjects. In the last year and a half he has focused on the landscapes of his new home on the North Coast. A native of Southern California, Scott was drawn to our area by the constantly changing interface of land and sea in the intertidal zone. "Intertidal Landscapes" combines a keen eye for the details of nature with Scott's intimate perspective.

Using 35mm cameras and lenses, Scott captures his images on slow, fine-grained color transparencies. His artistic skills extend beyond the camera's viewfinder to the darkroom where the finished prints match his original artistic vision. He also teaches and provides consultation services. "Intertidal Landscapes" is a must-see for the many photographic buffs in our community. It will also offer fresh perspectives for those who have scrambled over tide pool rocks at Bowling Ball Beach in the golden glow of a setting sun.

Star DeHaven, the other featured artist, is well known on the local scene. This will be Star's 12th year to host an open studio as part of the annual North Coast Artists Guild Discovery Tour every September. She first started working as a stained glass artist in 1979 at Santa Rosa Stained Glass. When Star moved to The Sea Ranch in 1986, she started her own studio. Her work draws on her many contacts with gifted glass artists who have enriched her ability to employ glass, texture, and light in creative ways.

"My style of glass art has become quite varied over the years," she explains. "My art has become more lively and playful. I handpick each sheet of glass, looking for certain color or illusion of movement. Many of my pieces are free form as I move away from the more traditional art."

Her creations evolve from hand drawn sketches that may develop and change as she assembles them. This time consuming process uses flameworked beads, crystals, and small intricate pieces of glass. She currently is working on projects for St. Orres and Greenwood Pier. Star is a member of Gualala Arts and is on the boards of The Sea Ranch Chapel Foundation and the North Coast Artists Guild.

The Dolphin Gallery is located at 39225 Highway One in downtown Gualala, and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please call 884-3896 for more information.