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Talking About Art
The Influence of Photography on Painting:
The First 100 Years

Thursday, April 15, 7:00 p.m.
at the Gualala Arts Center

Do you know a lot about art and want to discuss it? Do you know just a little about art and want to learn more? Gualala Arts has a program for you. On Thursday evening, April 15th, the Gualala Arts new interest group "Talking About Art" will hold its first session at 7:00 p.m. at the Gualala Arts Center. There is no fee for admission but, as always, donations to Gualala Arts are welcome.

This group is for people of every level of interest in art from those with no art experience to university educated artists. From those who enjoy discussing art to those who just want to sit back to listen and learn. This group will be for everybody interested in, or curious about, art. We think art history will be the main subject of these meetings, but anything in the art history and art theory and criticism realm will be fair game.

Each meeting will consist of two sections. The first will be a formal presentation on some art topic chosen by that evening's presenter and announced in advance. These presentations will run under seminar, and not classroom, rules. In other words, questions, comments, and discussion are not only allowed, they are heartily encouraged. The other section of the meeting will be a general question and answer, comments and discussion session about anything and everything that has to do with art. Are you curious about something to do with art? Come and ask!

Larry Riddle Larry Riddle will give the first evening's presentation titled "The Influence of Photography on Painting: The First 100 Years". The invention of photography had a profound influence on European and American painting. It was not the sole cause of the all of the changes in painting during the middle of the nineteenth century. It is very likely that some changes would have occurred in any case. But photography, due to the strengths and limitations inherent to the process, was a major influence that helped to shape the direction of those changes.

Photography, and the pioneering photographers of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, made profound contributions to the language, to the cross-cultural vernacular, of all visual arts. Photography became a seminal contributor to the creative process itself. This presentation will discuss and show examples of those changes. Parents please note that some of the subject matter in these presentations and discussions may not be suitable for children.

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