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Point Arena High Drama presents:

Thursday, May 4, 7:00 p.m.
Coleman Auditorium
Gualala Arts Center

'Ivanha' is an adaptation of Sir Walter Scott's famous 1819 story of 'Ivanhoe,' a romantic tale of peril and rescue, chivalry and pageantry. It is the tale of Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe, a knight returning from the Crusades who finds himself disinherited and thwarted in the pursuit of the Lady Rowena. Adapted and updated by William Gleason.

'Ivanha' is set in the year 1143 A.D. and all is not well in the land of Saxonia. King Isadore is off to the Crusades, and his evil brother, Viscera covets the throne. The only thing that stands in Viscera's way is Isadore's infant son Ivanha. And this is where the plot thickens. Return to those thrilling days of yeateryear and enjoy this story of love and revenge.

The cast of 'Ivanha':

  • Ivanha... Ben Buechner
  • Director... Karl Anderson
  • Friar Rico... Caleb Aitchison
  • Trudy... Jessie Clark
  • Belinda... Natalie Aceves
  • Chester... Ariel Riboli
  • Nina... Cristin Allen
  • Mama... Elena Aguayo
  • Corsicana... Ayla Thurmond
  • Gwen... Ann Ybarra
  • Viscera... Bryan Bucci
  • Lady Lenore... Amanda Pence
  • Medulla... Doug Greene
  • Friar Fred... Chris Washington
  • Shecky... Brady Klopfer
  • Astrid... Paige Cochran

Under direction of Jim Myers.

General Admission is $5; students and seniors $2.

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