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Archive of past events: 2004 through 2014

Annual Members' Board Meeting

Wednesday, February 15, 2006, 7:00 - 9:00pm
at the Gualala Arts Center

The proceedings were opened by President Bruce Jones and began with a report on membership revealing that the organization now has over one thousand members and in last December alone, 130 joined or renewed their memberships. In the Events Report David "Sus" Susalla, the Executive Director, said in 2004 about 1,500 events were held at or sponsored by GAC, but in 2005 there were over 1,700 events.

Gualala Arts Center; photo by Ron Bolander Don Kemp, Treasurer and Finance Committee Chairperson, had prepared a balance sheet of the present financial situation, the actual profit and loss figures as compared with the budget as well a projections for this year which were printed out and available to everyone. All these enterprises were profitable but the Art Center Theater, Art in the Redwoods, art shows; Chamber Music Series, Culinary Guild, Dolphin, Lecture Series, and other miscellaneous programmed events exceeded their expectations. So there was excellent news there.

The year 2005 had been budgeted to expect a loss of $33,544, but there was only a deficit of $8,336. Kemp explained that in art and cultural institutions such as Gualala Arts, it is not unusual to sometimes be running in the red before fundraising and earnings from investments are taken into consideration. Thus, virtually all art and cultural institutions engage in ongoing fundraising activities to cover some of their overhead expenses. In the past Gualala Arts has not emphasized fundraising. However, we have now reached the stage of development and growth where our fundraising activities will become more active.

Jim Grenwelge, 1st Vice President then took over and introduced the slate of incoming board members. There was unanimous vote to elect David Bess, Helen Klembeck, Janet Windsor, Michelle Marshall, and Russell Hardy.

The vote was also unanimous to elect Bruce Jones, President, Jim Grenwelge 1st Vice President, Suzanne Hansen as 2nd Vice President, Paddy Batchelder, Secretary, and Don Kemp as Treasurer.

The following board members elected other years and agreeing to continue to serve are Lynne Atkins, Robert Nelson, Gerda Randolph, Christina Smith-Owings, Carol Tackett, Ben Klagenberg, Annie Brayer, Joan Jordan, Don Krieger, and Cliff Putnam.

Bruce Jones then thanked the out-going board members: Lee Kosso who had been Secretary of the Board for six years, Harriet Wright, Ken Holmes, Frank Klembeck, and Chester Case.

Then Bruce and Sus together outlined some of the plans for this new year which are all on track and look very exciting. Among the goals are plans to increase membership, engage more volunteers, add on to art programs and workshops, work to establish Gualala as an art-destination, increase the endowment program, finish the Metcalf Terrace, begin the DePrima Classroom, redesign and replace gallery and foyer lighting, and add more lights to the parking lots.

Chester Case included a report that the Scholarship Committee has, in its seven years of existence, awarded $22,000 to young people from local schools.

Located at 46501 Old State Highway in Gualala, the Arts Center is open weekdays 9 am to 4 pm, and weekends from noon to 4 pm. Please call (707) 884-1138 for more information.