Willson & McKee
with Toe-Tapping Music

Saturday, November 5, 2005 at 7:30pm
Gualala Arts Center


Willson & McKee, a nationally touring duo specializing in traditional Irish, Scottish and original acoustic music, will be performing on Saturday, November 5th, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $15.

Willson & McKee Willson & McKee are two voices with hammer dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, guitars, Irish bouzouki, bodhran, Celtic harp, accordion, dance, stories, all with an emphasis on having fun.

The concert will include material from their five CDs, featuring their 2002 vocal release "Passed by Here" and their 2002 instrumental release "When the Notes Dance."

Kim McKee received 15 years of classical training before turning to traditional Irish music, 25 years ago. She is the 2002 National Mountain Dulcimer Champion, and moves effortlessly between her instruments. Her palate includes hammer dulcimer, folk harp, accordion, guitar and bodhran, and she never passes up an opportunity to teach a Ceili dance.

Ken Willson adds a folk flavor to their performances with his guitars and Irish bouzouki. An engaging weaver of Irish tales, Ken can also spin a fine Ceili swing on the dance floor.

This amazing duo has once again won 2nd place in the 2005 Irish Festival songwriting contest! After they won both 1st and 2nd place songwriting awards at the 2003 Milwaukee Irish Festival, the largest Irish Festival in the world. International judges compared songs from all over the world, so it was quite unique for this couple to receive the two top slots.

"Willson & McKee both have clear sweet voices... and are accomplished and versatile musicians! ... impressive and expressive!" - Dirty Linen Magazine.

The Gualala Arts Center is located at 46501 Old State Highway in Gualala, CA. Please call (707) 884-1138 for more information.