National Poetry Month
"Another Side of Verse"
a New Kind of Poetry Slam
Friday, April 22, 7:00pm

"Another Side of Verse," a new kind of poetry reading, will be held at the Gualala Arts Center on Friday evening, April 22, from 7 to 11 p.m. Targeted at high school youth, Another Side of Verse will feature poets of local high school poetry slam teams.

The idea started with Leo Barton, a junior at the Pacific Community Charter High School, and an avid poet/slam poet. Always slightly dissatisfied by the structure of poetry slams, Leo designed this show to free the slam poets of slam rules. Leo felt that not being allowed to have poetry accompanied by music, or props or actors to speak to, was hindering participating poets. These rules will not apply to Another Side of Verse. For this event, the rules are few and far between. Put simply, the poet must have content suitable for family audiences.

In order to incorporate music into the show, a live drummer and bass player will be on stage, and a piano and a guitar will be available to poets that request to use them. A CD/tape player will also be available to the poets.

After the featured poets have finished the show, the remaining time will be "open mike" for everyone, both poets and audience. Tickets are $7 general admission, $5 youth (under 18) and seniors (65 and over). Tickets will be available at the door.

For further information, call (707) 884-1138.