"The Light at Point Arena"
A New Documentary Film About the Historic Lighthouse
Sunday, March 6, 2:00 pm
Monday, March 7, 7:30 pm

Point Arena Lighthouse The Point Arena Lighthouse, in association with Curious Productions, is proud to present a new documentary about the history of the amazing Light Station and the colorful community that surrounds it.

Curious Productions Inc., based in Aspen, Colorado, produced "The Light at Point Arena" which focuses both on the history of the lighthouse and the City of Point Arena, including current efforts to restore the light station and its historic First Order Fresnel Lens.

It was in the late 70's that the United States Coast Guard decommissioned the historic First Order Fresnel Lens, that has graced the top of the Point Arena Lighthouse since 1908. When lit, this amazing optic cast two flashes every six seconds 18 miles out to sea, and was like a precious jewel illuminating the entire lantern housing and tower. The Fresnel Lens at Point Arena has an estimated value of $3.5 million.

Currently, the Point Arena Lighthouse Keepers are in the process of raising funds to restore the lens, which is in desperate need of attention ($250,000 for the lens project alone). The French caulking material known as "letharge," that holds the irreplaceable prisms in position, is nearing the end of its natural life of 100 years. Some time in 2006, perhaps before, perhaps after, an unavoidable chemical reaction will occur in the letharge, causing it to crumble away. Once this happens, the irreplaceable prisms will crash to the lantern-room housing floor.

Point Arena Lighthouse In order to combat this problem and restore the lens before it is too late, the Lighthouse Keepers have enlisted the services of a Fresnel Lens expert James Woodward and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary based at Point Cabrillo who have successfully accomplished an important restoration project on a Third Order Fresnel Lens. Together, we have the knowledge to perform this vital restoration project, and the Keepers hope that 2005 will be their year to receive Federal, State, County or private funds due to the extreme urgency of the situation.

The Point Arena Lighthouse Keepers invite everyone to come out and see this film that will be followed by a short presentation. The cost is $5 per person, and all funds raised will go toward important restoration efforts. Please contact Jeff Gales at the Point Arena Lighthouse for more information at (707) 882-2777.

The Point Arena Lighthouse is a nonprofit, charitable organization, dedicated to the preservation of the historic Point Arena Light Station, a treasure we all share.

[Photo credits: Scott Simpson / WEST of ONE]