2021 Annual Members Meeting & Volunteer Recognition-Online!

From Gualala Arts

To All Our Members, Volunteers & Donors, "Thank you very much"

Wednesday, February 17, 2020 3 pm

Gualala Arts Zoom Room- This is an Online! Meeting


“We are so grateful for the years that all of our outgoing board members have gifted us and we couldn’t be more excited about the new board and forward direction of Gualala Arts,” said Executive Director David “Sus” Susalla.

This year’s annual members meeting is an Online! event, and is scheduled to begin at 3 pm. The Annual Membership Meeting provides an opportunity for Gualala Arts members to meet nominees for the 2021 Gualala Arts Board of Directors and vote for the proposed slated of Gualala Arts Officers. Gualala Arts also takes this opportunity to appreciate our volunteers and present Volunteer of the Year and Heart Beat Awards to volunteers. Officers and Board Members will be elected and nominations for new directors from the floor may be made prior to the voting. Only Gualala Arts members are eligible to attend, make nominations and/or vote. Below is the slate for 2021.

Election is Wednesday, February 17, 2020 3 pm

Retiring Directors:
Dansie Little
Andrea A Lunsford

Up for Election at Annual Members Meeting:
New directors:
Sue Bohlin
Dennis Pederson

Renewing for 2nd term:
Andrea Allen
Jon Handel

2021 Proposed Slate of Officers:
Eric Wilder, President
Barry Weiss, President Emeritus
Andrea Allen, 1st VP
Joan Wood, 2nd VP
Bob Mitchell, Treasurer
Sheri Kirby & Karen Tracy, Co-Secretaries

Directors continuing to serve:

Davina Rose Allen
Paula Haymond
Karl Danskin


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