One Woman’s Dreams & Visions (postponed date in 2021 TBD)

Drawings & Sculpture by Carolyne Singer

A Dolphin Exhibit Featuring Caroline Singer

This exhibit has been moved to 2021. Check our website as updates will be posted as soon a they are available.

The Dolphin Gallery


The Dolphin Gallery Presents “One Woman’s Dreams & Visions” by Caroline Singer.

“I love theatrical illusion. My four sided sculpture is my newest exploration of ways to symbolically represent childhood memories, simultaneous and interrelated events, dreams and waking visions.   I also enjoy creating miniature figures, scenes, worlds. I share this passion with my brothers, one makes model train environments, the other exquisitely detailed models of cars, planes and alien crafts. I love seeing the potential in something discarded or ordinary. I am a collector of ephemera and 11stuff’. I am playing with ways to animate sculpture – springs, pendulums, pop-ups …..

Butterflies have shown_ up in my art for a long time. I embroidered a butterfly 50 years ago. When I made custom clothing my logo was a butterfly in a new moon, a symbol of my clothing’s ability to transform the wearer. I’ve made fantasy butterfly drawings for 15 years. I made a butterfly filled torso sculpture two years ago. When I wanted to explore mono printing I turned the printed papers into butterfly collages. Now butterflies inhabit my newest sculpture. Butterflies can symbolize transformation, rebirth, immortality, beauty, femaleness, freedom, transience, death, the soul. …” -Carolyne Singer