Swing Dance

With instructors Al Mayberry and Mary DeLave

Swing Dance Classes

Tuesdays. Level 1 Classes 6 pm - 7 pm; Level 2 Classes 7:15 pm - 8:15 pm; Practice Dance 8:15 pm - 9 pm. New series starts the first Tuesday of each month.

Gualala Arts Center Upstairs Classroom

Read more. Call 707-884-1138 to register. BREAK IN AUGUST

Gualala Swing Dance Lessons
Gualala Arts Center • Coleman Hall
Tuesday Nights 
These are good nights to make up any classes you paid for and didn’t get a chance to take! We won’t be back in Gualala until September!
July 10, 17
  Level 1 • 6–7 pm
Level 2 • 7:15–8:15 pm
**Each class includes practice dance from
8:15 pm – 9 pm** 
Drop in $12 

Regular Pricing (returns in September)

Cost for 4 week sessions: GAC members $40; Non-members $48.

Five week sessions: GAC members $50; Non-members $60.

Drop-ins: GAC members $12; Non-members $15.

Call Gualala Arts at 707-884-1138 to register.

Visit Gualala Swing Dance for up-t0-minute details here.

About East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop:

A new series of swing dance classes starts the first Tuesday of each month.  Drop-ins are always welcome! Enjoy practice dance each evening 8:15-9 pm.

See materials list here.

Visit  Gualala Swing Dance for videos and swing dance music to practice to.

Classes are progressive with new material added each month. Each week within that month instructors build upon the moves taught in the previous class. Many  students use this class as a way to get fun exercise and no experience or partner is necessary. New beginners are welcome to join in the first class. If you are not able to join at that time, please contact instructor Mary DeLave at 415-858-2886 to make arrangements to meet early the day of the second class for a catch-up session.

Between the East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop classes, there will be a 15 minute Swing Practice where dancers from the East Coast Swing class (Level 1) can experiment and work on what they’ve learned while Lindy Hoppers (Level 2) arriving for the 7:15 pm class can warm up. This is a chance to meet classmates, practice without stress and dance to songs where the beat is easy to find.

Level 1 -6 Count East Coast Swing Dance • 6 pm-7 pm • This class focuses on 6 count East Coast Swing Dance. The instructors teach a variety of connection skills and how to keep the momentum going for maximum fun.

Level 2 -Lindy Hop Swing Dance • 7:15-8:15  Basics & Beyond for Lindy Hop focuses on 8 count connection and momentum dynamics. The instructors also teach how to blend 6 count & 8 count moves. This is the class for you if you have learned East Coast Swing with triple steps or have some previous Lindy experience.

From 8:15 pm- 9 pm enjoy a Practice Dance for students to have fun practicing their skills. This portion of the class is included in the cost.

If you are new to Swing Dance or haven’t done it in a while, please start at the beginning of a Series Level 1 class.


About the Instructors:

Al Mayberry and Mary DeLave started swing dancing in 2009. They did not learn swing dance quickly but kept taking a lot of lessons because of how much fun they were having. Within all of those lessons they started to occasionally hear key points in connection and momentum skills that just a few teachers would talk about. Those key points turned out to be breakthroughs for them. As they shared these key points with others, people started to ask them whether they taught swing dance.  Al and Mary started teaching their first classes for beginners in 2013 and have put together fun and easy ways to learn swing dancing ever since. They continue to take classes and workshops from others. Using mid-tempo songs that are fun and full of life their students are often seen grinning & laughing while learning.

Al & Mary have moved up to Gualala from the Bay Area and hope to bring the joy of swing dancing to the Mendonoma Area.