Gesturing in Resins

with artist in residence Rogelio Rodriguez, "Mojo"

A Global Harmony Gualala Arts Exhibit

Opening reception Friday, June 1, 2018, 5 to 7 p.m.

Elaine Jacob Foyer


Mojo, (Rogelio Rodriguez), Artist in Residence, idea board.

“I’m not interested in reproducing reality… what matters, I believe, is how we paraphrase our everyday situations, that’s when I find GESTURE as a starting point in my work.”

“Mojo” — Rogelio Rodriguez — is a multifaceted fine artist who analyzes attitudes and human behavior through his work.  At the age of 21 he came across the visual arts through photography and oil painting. His formation has been a lifetime experience, His art education, divided between a self-taught process and time apprenticing for different artists abroad and in his home country Mexico.

Experimenting with different techniques has enriched his artistic language through time.   His curiosity in materials has led him to meet “The Resins” in January 2016. The process involved in working in this medium has become his focus, thereby presently most of his art production is involved in this medium.

Mojo employs human figure in order to reflect the essence of what we are made of (emotions and sensations) and how we encounter this in our daily living. Leaning on body language, Mojo finds different connotations through the fragments (body parts) of a whole (human body). Prioritizing the “gesture” as expression instead of aiming to a hyper-realist solution.

Mojo (Rogelio Rodriguez), Artist in Residence, idea board.

Gualala Arts Artist in Residence

As an effort to force himself out of his comfort zone, Mojo will take up residency in Gualala and work at Gualala Arts Center during a two months residency.  His work will focus on community. Previous time spent on the coast and in other small towns, Mojo noticed how important it is for local people to interact, share and participate in their personal lives. He will invite the local community to participate in his work through different activities while creating a body of work in resins, using “art as an excuse”.  His goal is to create from personal conclusions and paraphrase the world in symbolic language.

Mojo will be working in the Gualala Arts Clay Studio  and invites artists and community members to work alongside him.

“I want to invite a carpenter and a welder both with knowledge of their craft to apply to my piece… I believe that the more hands are involved in a piece, the richer the piece becomes.”

Follow Mojo’s work toward his residency here:


“Gesturing through Resin” Workshop

During his residency at Gualala Arts Center, Mojo will offer a workshop in resins  Friday, June 8 through Sunday, June 10.  See Gualala Arts workshops.  Workshop fee for Gualala Arts members is $200 plus a $50 materials fee paid directly to instructor. All materials are provided. This workshop will take place in the Gualala Arts Clay Studio.