One Universe of Light, Four Worlds of Color

Artist Steve Oliff & Friends

Gualala Arts Exhibit

Opening reception Friday, February 2, 2018. Exhibit thru Tuesday, February 28, 2018.

Burnett Gallery


Steve Oliff is a coastally-grown artist and author. His company, Olyoptics, based in Point Arena, is an award-winning color separation firm that revolutionized the comic book industry. In 1988, Oliff pioneered the evolution of flat comic book color into the digital era by using computers for color separation. He is known internationally as the “Godfather”  of modern comic coloring from his work on graphic novels like Akira, Sandman, Spawn, Batman, X-Men, and hundreds more.

Locally, Oliff is best known for 13 years of his comic strip, Armature, in the ICO, and the history book he co-authored with Cheri Carlstedt, “The Early Days of Point Arena.”

Oliff’s most recent book is “Guide Dog for the Coastally Curious”, a collection of his ICO comics that gives both locals and visitors a taste of our coast.

Along with his work in the comic industry, Oliff has taught art and color at all age levels, and has developed a new approach to understanding color. Color sits squarely at the crossroads of art and science, he says, and technology has changed painting, printing, and digital art so thoroughly that our old ways of understanding color are outdated, Oliff says.

This is the first formal presentation of Oliff’s concepts, and is a prototype for a traveling educational exhibit. Oliff describes the exhibit as part art and part science, utilizing a series of short presentations designed to help people think about color in new ways, and learn how to “See with Better Eyes.”

There will be books, prints, and original art for sale.