Annual Members Meeting and Volunteer Recognition

Gualala Arts Presents

"Put Us On Your List!"

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 2:15 pm

Arts Center


New Board Officer Nominees:

Barry Weiss, President

Kitty Wolfe, Vice President

Bob Mitchell, Treasurer

Andrea A. Lunsford, Co-secretary

Sheralyn Kirby, Co-secretary

New board nominees:

Andrea Allen

Jon Handel

Dansie Little

(Second Term) Andrea A. Lunsford

Barry Weiss, President of Rams Head Realty, has served on the Gualala Arts Board since February, 2016.  As a business leader in the community and an active member of the Arts Center, he recognizes the Arts Center as a jewel yet to be discovered by many and offers steady leadership and a commitment to service. Barry is enthusiastic about the Arts Center and its place in the community and is eager to make a difference.


Andrea Abernethy Lunsford is the Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor of English, Emerita, at Stanford University and a grateful resident of our Mendonoma coast. The Director of Stanford’s Program in Writing and Rhetoric from 2000 to 2013 and the founder of Stanford’s Hume Center for Writing and Speaking, she has designed and taught courses in writing history and theory, rhetoric, literacy studies, collaboration, and women’s writing and is the editor, author or co-author of twenty two books.  She currently serves as Chair of the Kronos Quartet’s Board of Directors and is a fan and supporter of all things related to Gualala Arts. Andrea has served on the Gualala Arts Board since February, 2015.

Sheralyn Kirby is very active in Gualala Arts, often the chef for many Arts Center events and sometimes just enjoying a concert or event. She is a stalwart member of the coast business community as partner in her husband’s business Kirby Construction and Roofing and in her own right as a healing arts professional and chef. Sheralyn has served on the Gualala Arts Board since February, 2016.


Bob Mitchell is a full-time video game developer and has worked remote along the coast since 2010. He has an interest in the technical side of theater and has operated the sound and light boards for many shows at GAC. Look for him up in the booth. Mitchell enjoys hiking, reading, puzzles, and pizza although never all at once. Bob has served on the board since February of 2017 and is looking forward to being the new treasurer, knowing the large shoes of those that have held the position before him.

Jon Handel says he would be honored to serve on the Gualala Arts Center Board for many reasons. First of all, he loves the Art Center for the opportunity to show artwork and be exposed to artwork. He loves the musicians, performers, lecturers and artists that come from all over to perform or exhibit here. “We are all enriched immeasurably by them. In addition I love the GAC for the different groups that produce performances there.  I have been fortunate to have exhibited artwork, performed in many different plays and dances, and volunteered in many different ways. I see the Gualala Art Center as a center for the community and of the world. I hope I can contribute to its continued growth.”

Andrea Allen. As an artist, I was drawn to Gualala for its rich artistic community, and the ocean. The community has welcomed me with open arms and I look forward to giving back, bringing my life experience as an Occupational Therapist, Medical sales rep and manager as well as my 30+ years as a Chinese Brush Painter.


Dansie Little says, “Gualala Arts has always been important to our family since we moved here 18 years ago. Our daughter first went to the Summer Art Camp and then participated in many plays. As a backstage mom, I watched her be challenged and grow more confident. I met some great friends along the way!”

Dansie worked as a commercial interior designer in the Bay Area and currently is a secretary for a medical research consultant. She has been volunteering at the Dolphin Gallery for the past 2 years and would look forward to contributing time and energy as a board member.

Kitty Wolfe says, “One of the very first things my husband Mark and I did after retiring in 2012 and moving to the Mendocino Coast was to become members of the Gualala Arts Center. We wanted to get to know and be involved in our community from Manchester to Gualala.”

Kitty says since being invited to join the Gualala Arts Board of Directors last year  and joining the Workshop Committee this year she finds she has a passion for encouraging others to also become involved in all that the Gualala Arts Center has to offer.

Returning Board Members:

 Chris Beach

Mark Gross

Karen Hay

Sheralyn Kirby

Current Gualala Arts Board of Directors:

Roland Stoughton, President

Peggy Berryhill, Vice President

Don Krieger, Treasurer

Lynn Bailey, Secretary

David “Sus” Susalla, Executive Director

Retiring Board Members:

Peggy Berryhill

Don Krieger

Alfredo Orozco

Roland Stoughton

Volunteer of the Year

Rich Shcimbor

Congratulations to Rich Schimbor, our 2018 Volunteer of the Year!  A pillar of leadership and consistency, Rich has served on the Gualala Arts Board for 6 years, is the Chairman of the Finance Committee and is the only board president to have served three terms and to grace our stage as a thespian! We depend on him to help man the tiller and guide us true.

 Heartbeat Awards

Sheralyn Kirby

Sheralyn Kirby.  Aside from her position as a board director, Sheralyn has come to the rescue with her culinary expertise for many Gualala Arts events. And, she is personally responsible for working with Arts Angels to raise the funding for a slightly used Hobart mixer for the kitchen, affectionately named “R2Dough2”!

Dean Wolf

Dean Wolf.  It is his passion and willingness to be involved with local businesses during the Auto Show that makes Dean Wolf an invaluable volunteer. Dean carefully tends to the raffle and auto tour with hearfelt involvement in everything from making the signs and choosing the theme, to picking the prizes and ensuring participation by Auto Show entrants. We salute him with checkered flags!

Hwy 1 Signage

Kathie Anderson. Sometimes it’s the volunteers who are undercover that provide much needed visibility and participation for Gualala Arts. Kathie Anderson, with her dedication to keeping the highway litter-free, is one of those unseen persons who makes big things happen! Thanks to Kathie, Gualala Arts receives prominent signage for a designated stretch of Highway One that is litter free as visitors head into Gualala. Next time you travel across the Gualala River bridge, think of Kathie and her many hours of quiet work in honor of Gualala Arts. An additional shout-out to Marilyn Alderson, Kathie’s litter removal partner for making our stretch of Hwy One shine!

Dennis Carter

Dennis Carter and Karen Serratoni.  For the past three years, Dennis and Karen have been a driving force behind the Mystery Dinne

Karen Serratoni

r Theater scripts and performances. Dennis writes the plays and Karen, with her many years of directing, brings them to life! We value this duo for their enthusiasm and talents that make these fun nights a sell-out every time and prove that dinner theater can be a sustainable and consistent part of our theater offering.


Pacific Piecemaker’s Quilt Guild

PPQG. One will not find a more dedicated and passionate interest group than the Pacific Piecemaker’s Quilt Guild. This group of artists come together to provide quilts and quilted items for a myriad of Gualala Arts events. Their gifts include a quilt made each year for an Art in the Redwoods raffle that helps fund the Gualala Arts Youth Artist scholarship and they paid for the shades in Coleman Hall. We look to this group for consistency, creativity, partnership, and willingness to fill a need when asked.


Surf Market owner Steve May.

Surf Market.  Gualala Arts’ relationship with the team at Surf Market is time-honored. For decades, Surf Market has generously sponsored and under-written many events, including Art in the Redwoods, Global Harmony concerts, and nationally known performances that can’t happen at smaller venues without a major sponsor. Owner Steve May says, “Surf Market is proud to support Gualala Arts. It is our mission to be a benefit to our community, and supporting the arts is an important part of doing that.”








“We are so grateful for the years that all of our outgoing board members have gifted us and we couldn’t be more excited about the new board and forward direction of Gualala Arts,” said Executive Director David “Sus” Susalla.

The Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for Gualala Arts members to meet nominees for the 2018 Gualala Arts Board of Directors and vote for  Gualala Arts representatives! Gualala Arts also takes this opportunity to appreciate our volunteers and present Volunteer of the Year and Heart Beat Awards to volunteers. Officers and Board Members will be elected and nominations from the floor may be made prior to the voting. Only Gualala Arts members are eligible to make nominations and/or vote.

It’s a little bit of business, a LOT of FUN! Let the celebrations begin!  Enjoy a light lunch buffet catered by Surf Market and a champagne toast hosted by Gualala Arts!   Join us in toasting the many volunteers who contribute time, dedication, and so many talents that keep Gualala Arts vibrant, strong and moving forward.