Creative Cooking with Baby Tomato

With Instructor Lisa Giacomini

Cooking Workshop

Wednesdays, October 4, 11, 18 and 25. 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Sign up by Monday, October 2.

Arts Center

Gualala Arts Members, $150; Non-members, $165. Materials fee: $10

Materials List

Lisa Giacomini IS Baby Tomato! She enjoys preparing good food from whatever is on hand to create sumptuous meals.

This fun cooking class with Lisa Giacomini should be rated PG17 for adult language and some comedic activities. Wine pairing and tasting will be part of the class. This workshop will be an “eating” class and very hands-on.

Designed for couples or small groups who wish to learn about creative thinking in their everyday cooking or special dishes. Entrees prepared during the class will reflect locally available offerings and the main dish is subject to change on availability but would be an equal substitute.

Each class is a dinner class that will include the consumption of a meal that has a protein (either plant, animal or fish based, provided by the instructor), a side vegetable, a side dish prepared by students under direction of the instructor, and bread provided by local artisan Katie Pence of Rosemond Creek Ranch.

Recommended equipment includes a cutting board of any size, one chef knife 7-10″ long, and an apron. Food safety gloves will be provided for students.

About Lisa Giacomini

Baby Tomato is often featured at Point Arena farmer’s markets and events.

Lisa Giacomini is an accomplished entrepreneur known for her life-saving mechanical equipment for firefighters, military and police or any other person in harm’s way. She is also a life-long, from-scratch, organic home cook and organic/natural gardener, and is the owner of the Baby Tomato Brand, a subsidiary of Giacomini Specialty Products in Point Arena, Calif.

Baby Tomato is known locally for frequent volunteering with large community food events where Lisa brings original recipes and management style to wherever she is needed. Also an accomplished event planner, Lisa caters and does Pop-up Chef activities for local businesses.

From humble roots, Lisa was raised in a subsistence generation of gathering/farming/fishing ancestors who could always feed their family through sustainable practices. Her specialties include cooking with spices of all kinds, the physics of cooking, and how to make “something from nothing.”

Spectacular dishes spring to life without the use of any special measuring devices or any special equipment, making cooking fun because “nobody is perfect” and the diversity of the dish lies in the individual’s IMPERFECTION.  As an instructor, Lisa always makes the time spent with her students a lesson in respect for the ingredients, respect for the environment, and respect for the pocketbook.

Lisa’s classroom is always alive with crazy, doable, foodable ideas that can pass muster alongside any other chef or foodie. Everyone is guaranteed to be treated to a lively conversation about the foods being prepared, gardening, fishing, gathering and all aspects of obtaining the food, as well as presentation of dinner at every class.