Sweatshirt to Jacket

Instructor: Kalynn Oleson


Wednesday, March 15 and Thursday, March 16, 2017, 9:30 am – 4 pm; Sign-up By: February 22, 2017

Arts Center

Members of Gualala Arts and PPQG: $45. Members of Gualala Arts or PPQG: $50; Non-Member $55

Download materials list here

Workshop Description

Clothing construction is also a love of mine and provides me one more aspect of “outside of the block”. I have found that a simple sweatshirt provides a loose fitting jacket. It is my design base. I can take it apart and apply fabric, thread, trims and beads and make a jacket that no longer resembles a sweatshirt. I aim to create a very wearable article of clothing that has a unique and timeless look.

About the Instructor

Fabric, sewing, clothing construction and quilting have been focal points in my life except when work got in the way.  About 30 years ago I was re-introduced to quilting by a bank co-worker. That did it. I took many quilt classes, created a stash and paid my dues, in matching points and blocks.  Quilting is still a love of mine but I do like working outside the block.

Materials List

Clean sweatshirt-one that fits you…not tight but comfortably.  Once the materials are applied to the parts of the sweatshirt it will no longer be stretchy.  It will fit like a jacket. Remove the neck sleeve and waist stretch band.  Either use a seam ripper or cut them off.  I use a seam ripper to remove these bands, this is just the easiest way for me. Wash and dry the sweatshirt.  Make sure that the sweatshirt does not have any other embroidery or latex-like designs on the front, sleeves or back.  Used or new, it does not matter, just so it fits you comfortably. I will have some sweatshirts available at $6.00 each (my cost).

Marking pen-like a “Sharpie”. A color that you can see on your sweatshirt fabric.

We will be marking the center front and side seam-lines for cutting.

A clear Olfa-like ruler   18” x 3” or 24” x 6” (this one works best for me).

Assorted fabrics; that will work for you and your design.  Fat quarters or yardage

Does not need to be 100% cotton unless you want to launder your jacket later.

You’ve seen my jackets before at the Challenge and AIR. I’ll use most any fabric as long as it does not restrict your movement and comfort.  There is no fabric that is sacred to me.

Your sewing machine in good working order, and your working knowledge of it.

An over-lock stitch works best, but a zig-zag stitch will work, too.

Threads: a neutral shade, as most construction of the jacket will be hidden when finished.  You may want to use other threads, bead, trims, cording for embellishments to finish the jacket.  I’ll show you some methods for embellishments that I have used.

Some tracing paper-I like the draw my idea of the fabric placement on the pattern pieces. I may change it in the construction of the jacket but I have a reference to reference, if needed.

Your imagination is also needed.

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