Harmonies: A Celebration of Connection & Communion

Jeanie Dooha

One person show

Opening Reception: Friday, November 4, 5 pm to 7 pm. Exhibit remains through November 19

Elaine Jacob Foyer


Oscar and Tatiana

The world as interpreted by Bay Area artist Jeanie Dooha springs to life: wrinkled skin nuzzles silken fur. Father and daughter tenderly embrace. Golden, sienna and ebony fingers strum, tap and plunk upon strings, drumheads and keys – creating in unison or in alternating tones music to soothe and to stimulate. Bodies swing and sway rhythmically swirling toward, away from and around one another. Eyes meet; arms embrace shoulders; voices harmonize or dialogue in call and response. Bodies ache, sweat and release; voices grunt, sigh and soar as people work and play together; building, bonding, repairing, reaching, renewing – connection, communion.

Roseland Shuffle (Prez)Ever the searcher, observer and listener, Jeanie draws her inspiration and strength from decades as a mother, partner, friend, teacher, counselor, artist, dancer, reader, music maker, traveler, cat companion, gardener, anthropology – social work – art & art therapy student and advocate / activist for peace, love and social and environmental justice. All of this nourishes and informs her art, which she hopes will engage, encourage and energize others; small ripple effects in a perennial sea of sweet changes. These visual stories are expressed through watercolor and acrylic painting, fabric collage, photography, mixed media constructions and mobiles created with nature and found objects. Recently retired from a long career working with and on behalf of children, youth and families, Jeanie can devote herself more fully to the art, music and social action which have sustained her throughout her ever so interesting, challenging and wondrous life.

In the artist’s own words:

“Let our compassion, creativity and collaborative capabilities manifest. Smiling across the table or the subway car. Hands and fingers clapping, clasping, intertwining in a game or as reassurance. Hands, hearts, minds and voices constructing houses, friendships, alliances and harmonies. Words, music, dances, arts used to build bridges across social chasms and borders. May my “Visually Lyrical Narratives” – my interpretive visions of these connections – be a small part of this evolution. May they reflect what I have observed and inspire us to be our best – most open, loving, communicative and cooperative selves.”

Spanish Dancers