Wet Felted Vessel – Canceled

Instructor: Barbara Attwell


Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 10 am – 1 pm

Arts Center

Members $65, non-members $78; plus $45 materials fee

Signup by May 18, 2016; after that, check availability.
Bring lunch and a couple of old used towels.

Wet Felted Vessel Trio Wet Felted Vessel Birdhouse

Learn the art of 3-dimensional felting using resists and warm soapy water. The process starts by layering fine, vibrantly colored wool fibers over a flat resist, and with plenty of rubbing and rolling, the fibers can be shaped into a strong and beautiful shape. The process is soapy, warm, wet, and always described as magic. In this class we will create a work-of-art vessel or birdhouse.

About the Instructor

Barbara AttwellBarbara Attwell is an award-winning artist who started her career with a sculpture degree in foundry work. Nature is her inspiration, and wool has become her favorite sculpting material with its impressive amount of strength, flexibility, and color. For her, wet felting conjures up a most rich primordial-soup kind of experience – warm, wet, soapy, and under the spell of the barnyard. She spent this past September studying with several of the best felters Ireland has to offer, and along with private commissions for wildlife centers and individuals, has been showing her works both in Texas and California.

Her work and resume can be seen at: barbaraattwell.net