A Unique Exhibit of Automotive Themed Art

Opening Reception: Friday, July 3, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Exhibit remains through August 2

Elaine Jacob Foyer & Burnett Gallery


Call to ArtistAutomobilia

This exhibit celebrates the art of the automobile. It is intended to be a superb and appropriate complement to the Auto Show and delight young and old, man and woman, boy and girl. The exhibit is intended to appeal to everyone that attends the Auto Show, but also draw visitors throughout the month because it will be so cool and so unique. Automobiles are art – visual, mechanical, emotional, spiritual, you name it. They also spur people’s creativity, moving them to make their cars works of art through modification or customization or creating automotive themed art – Automobilia. Just take a visit to the Blackhawk Collection, the Academy of Art Automobile Museum or the Peterson Automotive Museum and you will see that great cars always inspire, and are surrounded by, great art. This is what the Gualala Arts Auto Show aspires to as the next logical phase in its growth as a destination event for both Auto and Art lovers.

The AutomobiliaAutomobilia Exhibit presents a diverse, entertaining and very different display of automotive related art. The art exhibit is designed to draw creations from artists of all ages in multiple media. The exhibit will showcase photography, wall art including, but not limited to, paintings, tapestries, marquetry, automotive signage (neon, enameled steel signs, gas station signage, etc.). Artists will also display automotive sculptures throughout the Arts Center. New this year will be displays of die cast car collections (i.e. Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Corgi, Ertl, etc.) and scale model cars of any material. This exhibit is intended to fascinate and delight all visitors to the Arts Center and the Auto Show. Another goal of this exhibit is to actively encourage the participation from artists under the age of 18. Each judged class in the exhibit will include a youth class and all classes will have small cash awards in addition to the ribbons.

Automobilia is a judged exhibit, but not a juried one unless the number of entries reaches the available capacity of the Jacob Foyer and Burnett Gallery. Artists can submit up to 2 pieces per category using the exhibit registration form.

The exhibit will share the Jacob Foyer with a display of the automotive art of Andy Brizio and Roy Brizio, legendary father and son team renowned for their award winning street rods.


 Automotive Themed Photography – This class will feature prints and photos, and can be as taken or digitally enhanced.

917 Goodwood

Automotive Themed Wall Art – This class will feature art in any medium that is hung on the wall, and can be either art of automobiles or automobile parts, or inspired by the automobile, or made of automobile parts. We expect and encourage paintings, tapestries, quilts, marquetry, sculptures, automotive signage (neon, enameled steel signs, gas station signage, etc.) that can be displayed on the wall.

Automobilia Wall Art 3

Automobilia Wall Art 2

Automotive Sculpture – This class will feature automotive sculpture created by the artist’s own hands.  Material can be wood, metal, ceramic, papier-mâché, etc. Local artists in particular are expected and encouraged to participate in this exhibit, since many already do this kind of work. Entries from people that work in industries or business that are auto related, such as the Waterman Racing fabricators, are also encouraged to create art for this class, because even though they often don’t think of themselves as artists they really are.

Automobilia Sculpture 2

Die Cast Car Collections – TEldoradohis class is for collectors of toy cars. Collectors of Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Corgi, Franklin Mint, AutoArt and any other manufacturer are expected to display their collections. The collections will be presented in artfully laid out displays.

ScalScale model 1e Model Cars – This class is for model car kits built by the artist, or completely scratch built models. This will likely have many plastic models, but any car model would be eligible (wood, metal, papier-mâché, etc.). Pinewood Derby cars would be welcome within this category, and participants in the Summernationals Pinewood Derby would be encouraged to leave their cars in the exhibit after the races are completed (see below).

Pinewood Derby Award – In conjunction with the 7th Annual Gualala Arts Auto Show on July 18, Gualala Arts presents the annual “Summernationals” Pinewood Derby races which draw participants ranging from 2 years old to over 50. After the races have been completed on July 18, the racers under 18 years of age will be afforded the opportunity to leave their race cars for the remaining duration of the Automobilia exhibit where they will be judged by people who visit the exhibit for the rest of its stay at the Arts Center. Any race car left at the exhibit will be displayed through August 2 and will be eligible for a “People’s Choice” award for favorite Pinewood Derby car. 1st Place and 2nd Place awards will be given, with 1st Place receiving a blue ribbon and a $25 cash prize and 2nd Place receiving a red ribbon and a $10 cash prize.

Best of Show – Best of Show awards will be given to the best piece of Automobilia art entered by an adult and an artist under the age of 18.

  • Best in Show
  • Youth Best in Show

Auto Show People’s Choice Award – On the day of the 7th Annual Gualala Arts Auto Show all attendees will be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite Automobilia entry in the adult and youth categories. Voting will be managed in the same manner as this class is managed for the Auto Show.

  •  Auto Show People’s Choice Award
  • Auto Show People’s Choice Award Youth

Most Creative Awards – The North Coast Artists’ Guild (NCAG) decided to create two new awards for this show to honor the most creative pieces by both adult and young artists. Bruce Jones and Sharon Nickodem, both longtime members of NCAG, will select NCAG‘s choice to receive these awards which will carry a $75 prize for the winners.

Other Awards – Like the Auto Show and Art in the Redwoods, local businesses and automotive enthusiasts will be offered the opportunity to sponsor their own awards for this show, with their choice of the name and form of the award. Check this site for announcements of these special awards.

Curator’s Statement and Philosophy

 I have loved cars since I was old enough to recognize the difference between a ‘61 Ford and a ‘61 Chevy. I built models with my father and brother starting when I was 5 years old, had a Matchbox and Corgi collection until Hot Wheels came along when I became a huge fan of them. In my middle school art classes my portfolio was mostly cars, drawn in pen and india ink. As I became an adult and graduated to the real thing, I continued to collect and enjoy Automobilia of all types. I passed on this enthusiasm and appreciation to my daughters, with my oldest being the most appreciative of cars, and to my 8 grandchildren. I give all of them Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars every Christmas, and even the older ones (20, 21 and 22) still expect them each year AND have kept all of the ones I have given them over the years, unopened in their packages for the most part. I also appreciate the amazing automotive art that is out there, and that it is always used to complement, inform and expand on the automobile itself.

I also believe, based on my own experience, that appreciation of anything starts at an early age and grows with time. This exhibit is intentionally designed to invite and embrace participation by artists under the age of 18, and to present them with awards for their artistry. The enthusiastic crowds at the last 7 Gualala Arts Pinewood Derbies are a testament to the creativity, artistic ability and automotive enthusiasm of the kids and their families and this exhibit will only add to and expand that enthusiasm.

 –   Mark D. Hancock