Annual Members Meeting and Volunteer Recognition

Gualala Arts

Annual Members Meeting and Volunteer Recognition

Wednesday, February 25, 3:00 p.m.

Arts Center


Hearts for the Arts – “Every Link in the Chain”
Champagne, appetizers and desserts
(compliments of Surf Market and Gualala Arts)

Members-meeting-RSVPGualala Arts will hold its Annual Members Meeting and Volunteer Recognition celebration on Wednesday, February 25 at 3 p.m. in the Gualala Arts Center Coleman Auditorium. All Gualala Arts members are encouraged to attend and help us celebrate the volunteers that represent the many links in the chain that keep Gualala Arts alive and vibrant.

Gualala Arts will elect Officers and Board Members. Nominations from the floor may be made prior to the voting. Only Gualala Arts members are eligible to make nominations and/or vote.

The proposed slate of Officers for 2015 is:

  • President: Rich Schimbor
  • 1st Vice President: Roland Stoughton
  • 2nd Vice President: Peggy Berryhill
  • Treasurer: Don Krieger
  • Co-Secretaries: Alan Grossman and Lynn Bailey

Proposed new or 2nd term Board Members are: Lynn Bailey, Teri Cooper, Joel Crockett, Don Krieger, Andrea A. Lunsford, Alfredo Orozco, Roland Stoughton.

Returning Board Members are: Phil Atkins, Chris Beach, Peggy Berryhill, Rosemary Campiformio, Alan Grossman, Karen Hay, Richard Pfeifer, Rich Schimbor.

Retiring Board Members are: Steve Carnes, Sharon Nickodem, Lynda O’Brien, Sandy Scott.

2014 Gualala Arts members meeting

Volunteer Recognition
“Every Link in the Chain”

The ongoing vibrancy and health of Gualala Arts, the Arts Center and the Dolphin Gallery are only possible through the many “links in the chain” that bind us all together. These many links ensure that Gualala Arts continues to serve both the local community and its membership around the country. The many things our members and others do for Gualala Arts are both obvious and subtle, but each is a link that allows Gualala Arts to promote public interest and participation in the arts. There are literally thousands of links, in the form of people and what they give or bring to Gualala Arts that help achieve our mission.

The links of donating money, volunteering, committee and interest group membership, curating and entering exhibits, in-kind donations, distributing posters, performing, cooking and serving food at events, selling raffle tickets, lodging visiting artists, attending events and bringing friends and family to the Arts Center help us achieve the following:

  • To Grow as Artists (Workshops, classes, exhibits, Dolphin sales, clay studio, etc.)
  • To Celebrate Performance (Chamber Music, Global Harmony, Whale & Jazz Festival, LocalEyes, Gualala Arts Theater, Readers Theater, Lecture Series and others)
  • To Enhance the Sense of Community (FOPO, Culinary Guild, Art Library, Book Club, Auto Show, Pinewood Derbies, etc.)
  • To Support the Overall Mission (Sketches, Event and Committee Volunteers, Dolphin Volunteers, Building Crew, Exhibit Curators, Artists exhibiting, etc.)
  • To Fund and Lead Gualala Arts’ Continuing Existence (Board of Directors, Fundraising, Donors, Legacies, etc.)

Thanks to all the “Links in the Chain” that help Gualala Arts achieve it mission to promote public interest and participation in the arts, and please join us to recognize our 2014 Volunteers of the Year, Group Volunteers, Heartbeats and Businesses of the Year!

Sus presents a 2013 Heartbeat Award to volunteer and Tuesday Crew member P. D. Serratoni at last year's Volunteer Recognition event.
Sus presents a 2013 Heartbeat Award to volunteer and Tuesday Crew member
P. D. Serratoni at last year’s Volunteer Recognition event.